Our Refund Policy

Everyone must need to know about the refund policy before proceeding with an online purchase. The refund policy of our Buymodafinilshop.com is essential and it says more information about it. We created this refund policy based on the customer benefits. Buymodafinilshop.com would follow each and every rule of federal government.

We deliver the medicine from one country to other parts of the world so we would dispatch the package through three modes of transportation such as ship, plane, and truck. Suppose if the distance is too long has to be delivered, then there will be few chances that packages has to undergo two to three transportation mode. Due to this, there is a chance for the tablets to get damaged.

It is not sure that pills get damaged by doing so, hence you need not bothered about your drug package. We have a superior refund policy in case of your medication is damaged and thus enable you to stay away from anxious.

As said previous that this Modafinil online dispensary would abide by the federal rules. This implies that on any damage turn up to the medicine from our side, then we are the responsibility for that causes.

Our online dispensary would deliver the new medications in another set of the package to your location. Even you need not pay any amount for that new set of medicines. And moreover, we would not ask you to pay money for shipping service at this time.

We would refund the cash to your bank account in case we are unable to ship the medicine package to your location.

When you noticed any damage to the medicines, you have to report our customer support team. Thereafter our team will verify the statement and raise the ticket in case of genuine reason said by yourself. Afterward, they would take necessary steps.

Some peoples would think, “Am qualified to make utilize of the refund policy?”. The answer is that every user of this online dispensary are eligible to utilize the refund policy when they are met with the following criteria.

  • The damage caused in any other form on the medicine ought to be informed shortly to the customer care teams. Any complaints that are raised after 10 days from the date of received the medicines are not taken into the consideration.
  • The refund policy is applicable in case of any damages caused by the carriers during transmission.
  • Peoples who have received the product past their expiry date would be eligible to get new set of medicines or refund.
  • Users those who are decided to quit the medicine as follows to get the refund amount is not endorsed. We do not provide cash at any other cost for this kind of situation.
  • The Pharmaceutical company name has been mentioned on the website. Yet you must require to check out before ordering the medications online. Because you will not able to claim for money once you bought the medicine from us.
  • Suppose if you have damaged the tablets or your well-known individual has caused damaged to the medicines by mistakenly, then you should not ask for the refund. If you desire to procure new medications for your medical treatment, then you reorder it from our place. Here you need to spend money on both medicine and shipping service.
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