Modafinil – The Complete Guide to ADHD medication!

modafinil guide to adhdModafinil, an ADHD medication which is most preferred by the doctor along with other such drugs Adderall.  But, it is obvious that many people used to know about the Adderall medication treating for ADHD, but not many people knew that Modafinil is same as effective as the other one. Comparatively, they are similar in working and effectiveness. Here, we have gathered information about this medication which would help you to know more.

Let us begin with the basic things. What are we here for? Yes, you are right. We want to be educated with the methods on how to buy Modafinil with easy tips and tricks to,

  • Cut down on the medication cost,
  • Get the medication delivered in the quickest time possible,
  • Availing the prescription easily.

So we will elaborate on that first and then move towards the general issues pertaining to Modafinil that you will have to know in depth about.

How to get Cheap Modafinil online?

cheap modafinil online

Modafinil, the wakefulness-promoting drug that helps with managing sleep disorders, can be purchased online easily. The ‘smart drug’ is offered by numerous online pharmacies and they conveniently deliver the medication directly to your home. Ordering Modafinil online means that you can save a lot of time and money. The latter is why most people prefer using this mode of purchase as you can obtain the medication at some of the lowest prices.

Undergoing treatment with this medicine or any other prescription medication can cost a lot for the individual, especially there are no money-saving options like insurance cover or co-pay. The prescription does not have to be expensive at all when using internet pharmacies to make the purchase. All you have to do is know the options available that can help to save a lot on the medication and make use of them when buying the pills. Here is a simple guide on how you can avail cheap Modafinil online without a sweat.

What are the ways to purchase Modafinil online cheap?

cheap modafinil onlineChoose an exclusive Modafinil online pharmacy if you are looking for the best deals on the drug. These are the places that offer only the wakefulness-promoting medication and nothing else. Deep discounts apart, you would also have the complete product information readily available.

Do a basic comparison of the prices at different internet pharmacies. There are usually timely sales ongoing and the drug price would drop tremendously.

You can also utilize the Modafinil coupons, discounts, promo codes, and rebate offers that are available to reduce Modafinil cost. The ones that can get you the most discounts can be applied to the order and then you can process the payment. You can save anywhere from 20% to 80% using this method.

Bulk buy Modafinil when you want to increase the discount rate. Bulk orders of at least 90 days’ supply or more qualify for the bigger discounts and you could even get bonus pills. Reordering the medication from the same place would also enable getting additional price reduction in the form of loyalty discounts.

You could also choose Canadian pharmacy Modafinil where the drug price is very nominal according to the laws of the country. These simple measures are just a few ways to get cheap Modafinil online.

Why opt for online pharmacies to buy cheap Modafinil?

Online pharmacies are the best places to get Modafinil for the low price. The prices here are very less compared to that of local brick-and-mortar drugstores. A simple comparison between the prices at both places will immediately show just how stark the difference is. The reason for the pricing difference is that the drug is usually sourced directly from the drug companies. Also, the online drugstores do not have store maintenance or any other miscellaneous costs to account for. This also means that the drug purchased from here is authentic and you would not have any problems in taking it.

Since there are numerous online drugstores in operation, the competition among them is quite high and this helps to keep the Modafinil prices from going up. There are a variety of savings options and these vary from one online pharmacy to another. Once you are aware of the options, it is easier to get the cheap Modafinil drugs.

How to Get Modafinil Online With Overnight Delivery?

Modafinil purchase OvernightOvernight delivery is nothing but getting the package within a day or so. It is possible to get Modafinil online with overnight delivery. People may have many issues making them forget about filling the prescription at the right time. So, online pharmacy is a boon for them to continue taking it at the right time.

Choosing Legitimate Modafinil Pharmacies with overnight delivery

A genuine online pharmacy would have tie-ups with the courier delivery services company like FedEx. Through them, the Modafinil drugs are delivered to the address of the people. In fact, even in overnight delivery option, a person can select different timings.

For example, you can choose an option of getting Modafinil delivered at early 6.00 am, 8.00 am or 10.00 am. People who are in need of going to their work place early can opt for the first timing. You can collect the package and then go to the office.

The patients who are comfortable in getting the package at 8.00 am can go about selecting it. The people who would like to collect Modafinil medicine at their office or workplace are the ones who mostly go about choosing overnight delivery option at 10.00 am.

Only three slots are available for an overnight delivery option but it is sure that it provides benefits to many people.

Things to be followed while choosing Modafinil with overnight delivery

Not all online pharmacies are known to offer Modafinil overnight delivery option. So, check what kind of shipment the site provides and then go about selecting it. Overnight delivery might be little expensive compared to the traditional shipping method hence you have to take certain measures to lower the courier fee.

Pick the website that is located near your address. This decrease the travel time of the package thus would lessen the shipping charge.

Check clearly on how much you should be paying for Modafinil overnight shipping charge before making the payment. This amount would not fluctuate however it is a wise idea to check if there is any hidden cost present or not.

How to handle the mishaps that happen while on Modafinil overnight delivery?

Since it is an express modafinil delivery option, there are chances for any mishaps. Firstly, you have to know how to handle a situation. If you have received the wrong medication then you can call the customer care team and inform about the issue. They would guide you on what to do. However, it is essential that you should not use those medications that came in the wrong package.

Check if the pills are properly packed without any damage. If you found it to be broken, crushed or any such similar thing then you have to replace it. So, for all these the refund policy of the online site should be in favor of the customer. Check the policies of the online sites to know how it could help you in any difficult situations and then proceed to the website.

Why is prescription necessary for Modafinil?

modafinil rxFirst of all, you should know that buying a medication by providing a valid prescription is one of the legal ways to purchase it.  Modafinil is one of the very effective medications used in the treatment of ADHD and narcolepsy disorders. As mentioned it is effective in action, it is conditioned as a prescription drug by the FDA. This is considered as a controlled substance under the schedule II act and so it definitely requires a prescription to procure this medication from the pharmacies.

Another reason to buy Modafinil using a prescription is that there is a chance that some people might use it without knowing that would lead to some severe side effects and an overdose of the medication would be lethal. It is a wise thing to order a medicine from a pharmacy with a reliable prescription and would be appreciable.

Safety purpose

safe modafinilAs we know, not everyone will be eligible to take Modafinil medication. Some people would be suffering from other severe problems or some fatal conditions, in this case, taking a drug without a prescription would be a risk to their health.

So, it is better and the best way is to consult with your healthcare professional and discuss taking the medication. Once, a doctor prescribed you with the medical script then you can go about buying Modafinil from the pharmacies.

Right dosage strength

A person might be in need of the medication and wanted to know about the dosage that would be suitable for them. Taking the lower dose or administering the highest would not provide you with any effects other than causing a trouble to you.

For an instance, a person might need Modafinil 400mg but they decide to take 200mg. In this case, there will be no effect in the medication and will be no improvement. Though you would be getting the genuine drug from the pharmacies but still there will be no use as you are not taking the right dose for your treatment.

If you buy Modafinil 400mg, but you are supposed to take the lower dose only, then you should know that it would lead to creating a severe ill effect on you.

This problem would not occur if you get the prescription formally from the doctor and procure the medication in a proper way.

Authentic Modafinil pills

It is possible to get Modafinil drugs without a prescription from an online pharmacy. However, it is not righteous for you to expect such a medication would be of high-class quality. A medication without a valid prescription is always not a genuine one.

So, if you are really in a need to get the Modafinil medication with authentic pills, then you have to get the medical script from a doctor and that increases the chances that you would be receiving the genuine pills.

Enrolling in a program

When you are a person who has got a Modafinil prescription then you would get many benefits while ordering the medication. An online pharmacy would help you to get the drugs for the cheaper price by enrolling you in their program. There are many guidelines that should have to follow by those people who are in need to enroll in this program and the one among is that they should definitely have a prescription for Modafinil.

So, if you are having a prescription for this drug, you are not only eligible to get the medication online but you will also be an ability to get them at a cheap cost.

Legality issues

modafinil legality issuesIn this world, there are millions of people who would be buying the Modafinil medicine from the online pharmacies across the world. To avoid any legal issues, the sites will expect the prescription to be submitted by a person. For an example, in countries like the United Arab Emirates, you would not need a prescription for this ADHD medication. If these people are going to procure the drug from other overseas such as US or Canada, then the website would be in trouble. This is because the laws in the country require a valid medication script. Modafinil will not be sold to anyone without prescription online.

To avoid all these problems, it is just that all the people who are in need to get the Modafinil drug should upload a valid Rx, before procuring the pills from online drugstores.

How to get Prescription for Modafinil?

There are many ways to get the prescription for Modafinil. The traditional way is by visiting the doctor in person and get tested and examined about your health conditions. You can provide this medical script to the pharmacist while getting the medication from them.

In some cases, it isn’t possible for some people to get out physically and visit a doctor or a physician in person either due to their inability occurred at that time such as sick or illness or the available clinic might be far from their place or due to any other circumstances.  Such people can avail this online doctor discussion. This will be taken either by a virtual video call or voice call or through a chat process. In this, the user should have to upload their previous medical report if any and would have to convey the problem clearly. Once the healthcare consultant completed examining, they would prescribe you with the requires amount of dosages and will generate you with the medical script that you can use to get the Modafinil medication from the online pharmacies.

Is it necessary to provide any medical reports while consulting doctor virtually?

If an online doctor asks you to submit your previous medical reports, then it is necessary that you have to follow their words and upload the medical scripts online. Some people would be suffering from some problems such as heart conditions or any serious medical issues, then it is essential to examine your health condition deeply and this prescription would help them to do that.

Precautions to be taken while procuring Modafinil

It is necessary to take some precautions before taking any medicines. You might not know what it would do to you which is why a doctor’s advice is always needed. Here, we have listed some of the problems and if you have experienced any these before or be witnessing them currently, then just go and get the immediate help from the healthcare professionals.

  1. Allergic to Medication

If you are allergic to any medication, then you should have to tell to your medical practitioner about this. There is a possibility that one might not get allergic to Modafinil but they might have it for Armodafinil or Modalert just because of the inactive ingredients present in them causing allergic reactions to you.

  1. Following medical Conditions

Before using this Modafinil medication, tell your doctor or pharmacist about your medical history and especially of these following conditions if you have so:

  1. Heart problems
  2. Mistral valve problem
  3. Chest pain
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Mental or mood disorders
  6. Liver or kidney disease
  7. Have the history of drug abuse.

Sleeping disorders may reduce the ability to reach quickly for this medication. Though Modafinil helps to keep you awake, yet you still may not be able to do things that require full concentrations such as driving or use of machinery should have to be avoided. This drug may also make you dizzy and with alcohol, it could get worse. Avoid taking Modafinil along with other drugs or alcoholic beverages. Talk with your doctor before taking this medication.

Tell to your doctor about the products that you use before you are having a surgery. And Modafinil should be taken only if it is clearly needed for women during her pregnancy. Consult and clarify with the doctor about the risks and benefits of taking it.

The Most Popular Brands Of Modafinil

popular brands of modafinilEach brand of Modafinil is different from others. The slight variation in each drug is what makes them exceptional. In this blog, we are going to discuss Armodafinil, Modvigil, and Modalert.


This medication is one of the most popular brands in the market. In a study, it is found that Modalert can be a suitable drug for the beginners. The pill is potent and it would start to work on the body slowly and steadily. In addition to that, the effects are just subtle.

In case, you are not comfortable with the effects that this medication provides then you can go about taking Modafinil pills to ease the way. The Modalert medication is very expensive when compared to other variants. However, it is possible that you get positive results by taking Modalert. This medication is manufactured by Sun Pharma which is the best drug manufacturing company. The rate of Modafinil pills for 60 pills would cost you around $75 which means that you would be paying $1.3 for a single pill.


Modvigil is also called as All-rounder and this is because of the best combo it provides right from price, potency and the usage for the beginners. To tell in detail, Modvigil is superior to Modafinil.

This is a mood enhancer which can be taken on all occasions by those who are in need to be focused and alert. Modvigil would provide the effects for a longer period of time.

But when comparing this medication to Modalert, the latter is much more effective in treating a condition in a person.


Armodafinil is also very similar to the Modafinil medication. It can be taken to treat conditions like obstructive sleep apnea and narcolepsy. But there is a variation in this and that is it does not provide any jitteriness in a person and it can be taken by beginners.

Unlike Modafinil, Armodafinil provides more alert and focus on the people. It is said that an average person can sleep about 10 hours even when Modafinil is taken but this is not the case in Armodafinil.


In this blog, we have seen about certain differences in each drug which makes them unique but when it comes to the best Modafinil brand, it is you who have to decide on which medication you have to take. You can go about trying each drug but at a different period and analyze which provides you with greater effect.

Some say that Modafinil is good for them but few mention about Modalert being the best and the rest vote for Armodafinil as well as Modvigil. Each medication would react differently in one person compared to another but whatever drug you have chosen, it is sure that you would be benefitted from it.

How Does Caffeine And Modafinil Interact?

modafinil and caffeine
modafinil and caffeine

The interaction between Modafinil and caffeine which is other name for provigil has been a source of endless debate as some experts are of the view that these two do not mix well at all, whereas some have the opinion that when Modafinil and caffeine are consumed together they have not harsh effects. To get the best details on the pill, it is recommended that people always buy Provigil online from online pharmacies that give vital information on the pill. To learn more about them we need to look at them separately.

The interaction between caffeine and Modafinil

modafinil and caffeineModafinil is classified as central nervous system stimulant hence it acts on certain chemicals on the brain to balance them so as to achieve the desired result of calmness and for better focus. While caffeine, on the other hand, is also a stimulant which works on the brain to pump up the excitation in the body. Since both these substances have a stimulating effect on the body, combining these two together can double the excitation effects and the ensuing effect can cause some unfavorable conditions.

Moreover, when you consume Caffeine and Modafinil at the same time you will experience a synergistic effect and this will also include the negative effects too. So you really need to be very cautious while consuming the two and only do it after consulting a doctor if you have to. People with elevated anxiety may experience greater anxiety as a side effect. Try to stick to the recommended dosage and you should have no trouble consuming caffeine and Modafinil. There have been no reports of side effects so far; however, you should consume the drug after asking a doctor because the effects may vary from person to person. Finding a balance, while consuming Modafinil and caffeine together is not known to result in any severe reactions in the body.

Right-ways of taking Modafinil

taking modafinil right wayDoctors always advised you to purchase Modafinil from internet pharmacies to get genuine drugs at a cheap price. But you should make sure that you click the link of reputed Canadian online pharmacies while placing the order for Modafinil drug. It is recommended that a person should take a Modafinil dose early morning, after that you should follow it with coffee later in the day, do it if you feel very drained. When you consume coffee after taking the drug, you will experience a surge of energy in your body. Studies have revealed that taking two at the same time may not be good after all and in fact, you must take one of the other to get better results.

Should you be cautious while buying Modafinil Online?

Yes, you should definitely have to be extra cautious while buying Modafinil online medications, with respect to what has been discussed in the above statements. There are many replicated online drugstores available nowadays. You will most likely to bear the risk of ordering the Modafinil drug from the bogus pharmacy with its identity similar to a genuine online store. It is hard for everyone to find a reputed online drugstore, especially due to the increased number of internet pharmacies available. Modafinil online on a regular basis is much safe to buy due to the fact that they are available the most only in the authentic portals and a case of tricks and fooling were reduced. Many med shops online are functioning without a proper license or register themselves under a fraudulent and provide a furnish fake contact details. That might appear true and genuine. So, if you are going to buy Modafinil online, then it is better that you have to be cautious in buying it.

The advantages that Modafinil can bring when it is consumed right

This is a drug that is known to act fast and provide great results. The drug has already gained tremendous popularity with the people all over the world. The benefits are listed below.

  • Modafinil significantly improve focus the ability to concentrate
  • The drug produces great results and is worth the amount of money you spend on it
  • If you consume the recommended dosage you will experience minimal side effects
  • Research has revealed that drug increases the functioning of the brain

The disadvantages of consuming Modafinil the wrong way

  • An overdose can be nasty
  • Severe withdrawal symptoms and addiction
  • Physical dependency

Hence stick to the right ways of using Modafinil and get the medicine only with a prescription. And you should consult a doctor before you consume Modafinil and caffeine together.