What are the accepted prescription methods in Buymodafinilshop.com?

Buymodafinilshop.com is accepting both doctor written and online based prescription. But before the order process we will verify the complete details about the prescription whether it is written and generated by the approved doctors and medical stores.

Is Buymodafinilshop.com having online doctor consultation facility?

Currently, Buymodafinilshop.com does not provide the online doctor consultation facility. But many of our customers are asking about that facility so in future we will start that. Until that our customer support team will guide where you can get that.

Is it possible to buy Modafinil from a local drugstore by using the online Rx?

Yes, if it is a legal and approved prescription then this method is possible.

What is the price of online prescription?

Based on the online dispensary that you have chosen the price will be varying. Currently, some of them are providing it without any cost and some dispensaries are charging a very less amount only but compared to the basic method this will cost very low only.

How can I prepare for the internet doctor consultation schedule?

Like the common method, there is no need for any special preparation needed.  Just be on the scheduled time with a properly working internet connection, voice communication and video communication with the old medical records.

The online prescription is legal or not?

Like the price information legality of the prescription also is based on the place that you are going to choose. Because there are many verified legal online dispensaries and doctors are available and at the same time as them many fakes also there. It’s your responsibility to choose the best one.

Should I buy Modafinil from the same store where I have purchased the prescription?

That’s not must; it’s your own choice to decide where you want to buy the Modafinil.


Can I get any benefits when I buy Modafinil from you?

As we have mentioned earlier you will get the following benefits, we are providing the cheapest Modafinil at just $1.13 for a single unit, there are various payment methods available to process your orders.  Completely FDA approved medicines from Apotex Corp, no cost prescription, easy refund, return services,  both brand and generic medicine availability, friendly care like this you will get many benefits when you with us. What else you need?

When will my Modafinil package deliver?

If you have chosen the normal delivery package option your maximum delivery time for the package is 10 days only.

Is COD option is available?

Yes, it is available. While the finishing of the order by selecting the COD payment method you can use this option.

From where you are sourcing the Modafinil medication?

We are sourcing the Modafinil medication directly from the official sellers Apotex Corp. They are one of the real quality manufacturers of Modafinil.

If the delivery is unsuccessful will you provide refund?

The complete information about this is mentioned in our Refund Policy and Delivery Policy. Kindly refer those pages to know more.

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