Did Obama use Modafinil?

Obama ModafinilModafinil, the drug which is taken to cure sleepiness or narcolepsy had attained universal attention when the news turned out that Barack Obama; the former President of the United States had possibly used this drug to overcome narcolepsy. The following passage describes the Obama-Modafinil issue and its whereabouts.

What did that physical examination report of Obama say:

A medical report of Obama which he has undergone at the end of 2010 said there is a possibility of him taking a medication as the report clearly said there is an occasional medication use to fight jetlag. As the United States of America have multiple time zones in its geographical area, as the President of the nation has to travel and consistent traveling through different time zones has disturbed his sleep in a bad manner. So he is under medication to make a balance, whose name is kept a mystery. Often there were press articles quoting to this issue named “The mysterious white house drug”.  There were so many media reports arrived during that time, it still a mystery that what drug did President Obama had used. Some doctors confidently say it must be Modafinil and there are possibilities for their misjudgment as the truth remains a mystery. But physician does not enclose the exact Modafinil dispensary from where he has bought the medication.

Why did Obama take Modafinil?

A news article from a popular magazine reported that Barack Obama, the president of United States had possibly taken Modafinil to overcome his jet lag issues. Some doctors like Dr. Lisa Shives (medical director of Northshore Sleep Medicine) who had studied the report said that he could have possibly taking Provigil (the other name for Modafinil) to fight jetlag and sleep imbalance [Source]. The question cannot be concluded unless and until some official statement arrives from the white house, but the doctor’s statement gives light not just to the speculation, but to the truth.

What do the doctors of Obama say?

The doctors of Obama stated in the report that Obama is under medication for balancing the time zone management. As the United States of America has different time zones at different corner and the travel of President is unavoidable. It could indeed be true that he was under medication using Modafinil. There was one statement from the doctor’s side, but there were several opinions posed by different doctors regarding the statement. These opinions, especially from the senior and respectful doctors, had made an impression on the public. Though some fans of Obama objects such deep interrogation by journalists, it is inevitable that such news going in vein. There are so many Klonopin users who have started admitting that they are Modafinil users after the president’s news got out in the media. Few doctors stated that it was due to the excessive travel across the different time zones, Obama faced some issues with sleeping. The report hides the name of the drug.

What are the other possible drugs that Obama could’ve had?

While the White House hesitates to name the drug what the president is actually taking, Provigil was also known as Modafinil (generic name) very accurately matches the medical report. Dr. Shives says he could’ve had other sleeping drugs like Lunesta or Ambien, nobody could probably guess the exact pill he used. As these drugs work faster than Modafinil and for a longer time. She also quoted that Modafinil works only for the short period of time.

Who prescribed the drug to Obama?

According to some reports, there are evidences that Obama was recommended or advised Modafinil drug by Navy Captain Jeffrey Kuhlman, as the drug is very popular among Fighter-pilots, Captains and long distance Truck drivers. Modafinil helps the professional who travel excessively. It is inevitable that their sleep faces trouble if they travel from one time zone to other with rapid speed. Captain Kuhlman would’ve faced this problem as he served as Navy Captain for so much time. Obama who is facing similar troubles with excessive travel could’ve used the Modafinil pills for some relaxation and to bring the lost sleep balance.

Why is Modafinil favorite drug of popular celebrities?

Not just celebrities, certainly the commoners are at total support to Modafinil pills. As Modafinil always hit the top charts when it comes to narcolepsy related medications. It is considered the safest drug that effectively treats narcolepsy or day time sleepiness. Some of the exceptional qualities are as follows:

  • Less Abuse potential:

The abuse potential of this drug is significantly less when compared to other narcolepsy drugs. It is not an addictive drug too.

  • Minimal Side-effects:

The side effects are very minimal and rare. The serious or fatal side effects are distinctively rare among the users of Modafinil.

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