modafinil costOne can avail a lot of discounts if Modafinil is ordered via the online platform Buy Modafinil Shop.  A lot of people want to know the difference in price between the generic and non-generic pills. The price of the pills depends on the market rate and fluctuates from time to time. In this

In this blog, you can learn about generic Modafinil cost and non-generic cost.

Comparing Modafinil price: Generic vs non-generic

Are you looking for a price comparison between the two highly prescribed wakefulness promoting meds, the generic and non-generic medicine? Well, you have come to the right place. Those who are going through intense study schedules or those who suffer from sleep disorder conditions which hinder their daytime performance then Modafinil is the right medicine for such people.

It is known to many people as a smart drug. Its performance improving ability is what makes this a much unique pill. The drug can also reduce negative side effects which were in the body for a short period of time that were due to sleep deprivation. The drug was created in the year 1994 in France and the drug was approved by the Food and Drugs Administration in the year 1998.

Price difference between generic and non-generic Modafinil

The Modafinil price per pill irrespective of it being generic or non-generic differs due to various factors. Prices are much higher when a person procures it from any brick and mortar pharmacy store. Also, the price can vary from one physical drug outlet to another. Due to the online pharmacies that are in growing numbers, people can get the medication at a much lower price when compared to the physical drug outlet.

When you access to order Modafinil from overseas online pharmacies it becomes easy for people to get the generic and non-generic version of the drug. One can also compare various online pharmacies in order to know which internet pharmacy sells the generic and the non-generic version at the lowest price.

The price of brand version of medicine is typically about 30% to 50 % higher than its generic component sold at the same drug store whether online or offline. One should know that the generic and the non-generic are equivalent in their efficiency. There are many pharma hubs that offer to buy Provigil for a very low price.

Non-generic Modafinil cost in the US

For a 30 day supply of brand Modafinil medication, the cost will be around $69 per pack in the dosage of 100mg. The 200mg pills are also priced the same wherein a single pill cost for about $2.29. Similarly, 100 pills in the dosage strength of 100mg or 200mg would cost about $129 approximately. This price estimated here is of the online pharmacies. The cost of Provigil pills will be much higher at retail drugstores.

Generic Modafinil cost in the US

You will find the generic Modafinil cost of $72 in the dosage strength of 200mg with 60 non-generic pills in the pack wherein a single cost of Provigil around $1.20 on an approximate value. 200mg Provigil pills are priced at $103 where the cost of a single Provigil pill falls at $1.14, approximately. This is the price that is available with online pharmacies. Again, the price of generics is much higher when procured over a retail hub. So, it is better to order your Modafinil generic and non-generic pills over the internet pharmacies.