Add on benefits of modafinilModafinil is essentially a wakefulness-promoting medicine. Patients who are characterized by excessive sleepiness due to narcolepsy and other sleep disorders are prescribed with Modafinil in order to promote wakefulness in them. The drug is also administered in patients who are affected with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). One research estimated that the drug works as an add-on treatment for bipolar depression. You can learn about the same in this blog. Get to know all about Modafinil treatment for bipolar depression in this article.

Modafinil and bipolar depression

Patients having bipolar depression spend a lot of their life in clinically significant depressions. Currently, there are not enough treatments available to attend to this condition. However, the pill was found to have some effect on bipolar depression condition. Few studies have established that Modafinil does help in unipolar depression. This could reflect a greater prevalence of psychomotor retardation in bipolar depression. This is in fact more responsive to this medication. Modafinil and placebo treatment were undertaken for bipolar depression in order to know the efficacy.

Study on bipolar depression patients

The daily dose was very little, 174mg, where maximum was only 200mg. The study indicated that the clinical use of Modafinil for bipolar depression condition should be evaluated on various factors like the patient’s past history. If the dose titration is 200mg or above, then the study should be evaluated with further caution.

Biologically, it is plausible that Modafinil can be useful in certain cases of bipolar depression. Now this study might raise a question if Modafinil is the choice of treatment for patients having bipolar depression condition. We should avoid assuming that a statistical advantage of one medicine or treatment for the condition, bipolar depression, as diagnostic entity can be relevant for most of the patients with heterogeneous condition.

The patients who were participating in the research were given mood stabilizers. Any patient who is not being treated, mood stabilizer would be the first choice for them. As it is considered to be an expensive method of treatment, there can be bipolar depressed patients for whom appropriate treatment could be a reuptake inhibitor which is also effective on noradrenaline like venlafaxine.

Resultant outcome

It is known to have behavioral effects even in mice. There is every possibility that it can work on hypocretin system which is a unique peptide neurotransmitter system that which is found to be abnormal in narcolepsy, yet it is not likely to be a key player in the biochemical mechanism of bipolar depression. Therefore, the medicine does play a role as an add-on treatment for bipolar depression. Take Modafinil only if you have been prescribed by your physician.