Modafinil from Overseas PharmaciesModafinil is a schedule IV drug which is listed under the Controlled Substances Act. It is generally illegal to import drugs like Modafinil from other countries into the US as these drugs might not have been approved by the FDA to be used or for sale in the US. For instance, if a medicine is approved in another country but is not by the FDA, then it shall be considered as an unapproved medication in the US and thus it becomes illegal to import such meds.

Yet, there are ways you can implement in order to order Modafinil from overseas online drugstores without breaching federal laws. To know more, follow the guidelines listed below:

If you are a foreign national

If you are traveling to the US from another country either for pursuing college or to attend an event, FDA understands that you will need your personal medication when you are in the US. As per FDA guidelines, one can bring up to 90 days of drug supply which means that you will be allowed to carry a 90-day supply of the medication. This also indicates that you can order Modafinil online from US over any overseas pharmacy.

If you are procuring your meds via mail order pharmacy, then you need to include certain documentations which act as an evidence that the medicine Modafinil brands are sent only for your personal usage when you are visiting US. The documents can include a copy of Visa or passport, a letter from a doctor or a copy of your prescription.

Legally ordering Modafinil from overseas for personal use

Modafinil being a controlled substance, the Drug Enforcement Agency will decide if you can import the drug for your personal use. You need to contact the DEA in order to know your eligibility to get Modafinil pills from overseas pharmacies without breaching federal laws. Only the DEA has the right to decide if controlled substances are allowed as personal importation. You can also visit the DEA website and clarify yourself for further queries.

Obtain from online pharmacies that offer Modafinil legally

It is important to obtain the narcolepsy treating med from a legal pharmacy. When you order Modafinil from overseas pharmacies, ensure the particular internet drugstore is a reputable one or if it furnishes only FDA approved pills.

On what conditions Modafinil can be imported legally?

The FDA has its own policy in order to import medicines like Modafinil. It though does not object importing of drugs for personal sue, provided the particular medicine is approved by FDA in US. FDA does not object the use of Modafinil for the below mentioned conditions:

  • If the medical condition is serious and administration of Modafinil is very much a necessity
  • If there is no commercialization or promotion of the drug to residents in U.S.
  • If Modafinil is considered not to pose any reasonable risk
  • The person who is importing this medication verifies that it is for his/ her personal use.
  • If the person provides contact information of the doctor or
  • If the person can show that the drug is in continuation to treatment that was started in any other foreign country.

At all circumstances, one should import Modafinil overnight only after fulfilling these criteria. And should also make sure that you follow their terms and conditions carefully properly.